CAMES Masterclass

The CAMES Simulation Masterclass is designed to teach leaders and medical educators how to develop, implement, and run evidence-based simulation-based training programmes.

Based on solid theoretical frameworks, the intensive one-week masterclass will have a practical focus on the use of effective and evidence-based teaching methods that allows participants to directly implement the learned skills in
their own context.


“Excellent balance of lectures, groupwork and practical sessions. I did not find it challenging to stay focused as I often do on such long courses”

“I am a lover of practical applications and this class had a lot of it!!”

“The most important that I learned from the Masterclass is the detailed process required for the organization of a simulation-based surgical education programme. Although my local settings are very different to Danish settings, I think
that I can implement the core process. I will try, anyway!”

“It was a perfect example of Kern’s 6-step aprroach and greatly helped us with the process of curriculum setting and educational research”